Manufacturer and Exporter of Silo, Storage Silo, Mild Steel, Lime Storage, Bolting, Folding, Plastic Granual, fly ash, cement storage silo, Galvanize, Grain and Maize Storage Silo

We, at Indu Engineering work are specialists in the efficient management and the storage of bulk materials. Most industries today need well managed storage systems to keep products like food and industrial quality materials in stock or in storage until required. We have the best range of Silos to suit every purpose and requirement and have gained the confidence of our clients with the quality and durability of our products. Indu Engineering work is among the best known Silo manufacturers in Santacruz and is also the leading name among the best Silo manufacturers in Mumbai.

Choose from the vast range of Silo designs that we offer. Our clients range from those in the pharmaceutical and chemical fields to those working with various mineral ores and petroleum products. Our Silo designs are also perfect for cement, coal, carbon black as well as for sawdust and wood chips. The Silos that we manufacture are also quality cleared for the food industry as well as are widely used in many of the byproducts in the industrial manufacturing process to be stored before effective disposal. Our Silo designs vary from the bolting Silo to the SS Silo and even one that is a Lime storage Silo with anti-corrosive properties and each individual design has a sealed top or ventilation and an outlet pipe where required. 

A good Silo is determined by the product that it will hold or store and our designs for these Silos are different for different purposes. Our most popular designs are the Bag Silos as well as the tower and bunker Silos, each of these not only help in storage but also to transfer the stored product in a production process. Our Mild steel Silos are perfect and reliable for reconstruction when the quality increases or when the stored product varies. With modern technology, one can now not only control the flow of the product during transfer but also easily monitor and regulate the temperature in the Silo to prevent moisture building up.

Feel at ease when you approach us for your requirement for any kind of Silo. From a storage Silo to a lime storage Silo and even the most popular cement Silo, we have them all. Each and every Silo is manufactured using the best quality products and each design is tested for quality, durability and its individual ability to not only holds the required capacity but also to ensure that the material used in the manufacture of the Silo is the right one for the stored product.
Our experts are on hand 24×7 to help resolve any issue. Talk to our designers and engineers to select the best Silo for your industry or have one specially customized for your requirement.